Spending Sunday Overlooking Central Park




I woke up late to the sound of raindrops hitting against my windows.  “Should I or shouldn’t I?”  I wondered, as the thought of getting up didn’t really appeal to me.  I got up since I had to pee anyway, and since I was already in the bathroom, I decided to wash my face.  After I did that and brushed my teeth, I laid down with my face buried into my bedspread.  I laid there for about thirty seconds until I had enough energy to throw on a sweater that was hanging on my dining chair and put on some makeup really fast.  I was so late, but I was just going for the free breakfast anyway since I already had enough credits for the year.  I was walking toward the subway stop, debating on whether or not it was worth paying for a cab.  It wasn’t very far, but I had to transfer at 59th St which usually takes forever.  I got on the 6 train right when it was pulling into the station.  The 6 was no problem, but I had to wait awhile for the N train.

Sure enough, I was late and I wasn’t going to receive credit for the first two hours, but I decided to enjoy my breakfast out on the terrace.  The class was being held at the swanky New York Athletic Club and I decided to take full advantage of the gorgeous view of Central Park.  It was a beautiful morning, and the leaves were still in the midst of turning colors.  I enjoyed the fresh air and the breathtaking scenery with my complimentary bacon and eggs with coffee.  The apartment complex right across the street from the club had fully exposed windows in which one could look in to people’s apartments “Rear Window” style.  It didn’t seem to bother any of the residents that complete strangers could look in, and they seemed oblivious to that fact.  They probably focused more on their unobstructed and gorgeous views of the park.

I realized at that moment what a magical place it was, and although the club was old and a bit shoddy, I understood that the buildings with the best views of the park were constructed first, so the places with the best views are going to also be the old and shoddy ones.

It was sunny, but the clouds started to roll in.  I finished my bacon and eggs and went inside to hear the lecture.  There were astoundingly beautiful views of the park inside the banquet hall where the lecture was being held.  The sunlight shown through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and I could hear the speakers say something but I was too entranced by the magnificence of the room.  I then got distracted by the need to get more coffee and eyed the fruit and yogurt as I entered and passed the gray velvet curtain that separated the breakfast buffet and the banquet hall only to be greeted by a lady sitting at a table beside the curtain.  I was quickly drawn to the light-drenched windows and was willing to just stand there, stealing glances at the autumn-colored trees and horse-drawn carriages that were lined along the street below.


The lady in charge of registration was nice enough to bring out an extra chair for me to sit, affixing me more permanently to the lecture that was going on before me.  I now had no choice.  I was stuck with listening to the lecture, but not without enjoying the view.