When does all the anxiety and dread disappear and

You are able to walk out with your head held high

Heart Swollen With Boldness and Fearlessness


When you have spoken your truth


Man on Bike

I saw a man on a bike this morning.  He was an elderly gentleman who looked to be in his sixties.  He was tall and thin with a healthy complexion.  He sat upright and wasn’t wearing a helmet or a jacket in the brisk cool air, just a navy blue cable knit sweater with orange khakis and suede oxfords.  He had a gray beard that blended into his neatly parted hair that was flowing in small gentle waves in the breeze.  He was riding with such joy and freedom, I envied him.

You And I

You and I were never friends
We just shared the same friends
But we weren’t the same
In fact, we were complete opposites
And we offended each other to the core
You would say ignorant and offensive things
Regurgitations from your mother
I would say enlightened things that threatened your whole world view
I left
Knowing that it was better to let our whole network of friendships go up in flames
Than to constantly get burned by a cinder