This Easter

This Easter I decided I wanted to do the least Eastery thing possible. I wanted to avoid the brunches, the bonnets, and the chocolate bunnies that have nothing to do with Christ’s Resurrection. I really don’t understand this modern day tradition of our lame attempt at wearing our Sunday best when we don’t make it a habit the rest of the year. Men have it easy: Put on a suit like they’re going to work.  Women, however, appear like they have just reached into the back of their closets and pulled out their tired old floral dresses, barely pressed, and people are so impressed with their appearance because they’re not used to seeing them in a dress- any kind of dress.  They do their hair and makeup like they normally do so it looks like they’ve inadvertently walked out of a dressing room at Filene’s Basement trying on markdowns.
So instead of the brunch gatherings at some diner or Upper East Side bistro, I’m heading to Brooklyn for an outdoor BBQ in jeans- I’ll go to church first, of course.