Virtual Skin

Tragedy struck me as my friend Geselle told me the bad news two weeks ago when we were on our way to Bloomingdale’s together.  “Prescriptives went out of business.”

            “What?!” I gasped.

            “Yeah, some time ago.”

            I have had the same complexion for the past 15 years.  In Prescriptives terminology, it’s called Virtual Skin Y/O Real Gold 07.           

I’ve tried different foundations over the years with utter failure- Trish McEvoy was too thick, Laura Mercier too brown.  I never returned things, so I would just put up with it, bear my mistake and walk around with a too-brown face for six months or however long it took to use up a whole bottle.  But I always had Prescriptives as my fallback. 

I dreaded the idea that I would have to find a bona fide replacement.  I could have hoarded and collected all that was left of the company’s supply, like “Seinfeld’s” Elaine character in that “Are You Spongeworthy?” episode, but I just decided to accept fate, move on, and get to work.  As I’ve been hanging on to my last gop of my Virtual Skin, I have been on a crusade; the most thorough makeup expedition ever.  I am familiar with almost every Sephora store in Manhattan and the beauty counters at Bloomingdale’s.  I have never been the type to ask for makeup samples, as I would get easily intimidated by the cold angry stares the all-too-made-up beauty sales reps would give me behind their shiny glass caves.  In these desperate times, however, I became bold and fearless.  I ignored the unjustified and weird animosity I received at Benefit and Chanel and helped myself to trying on their foundations.  It seemed so weird to have to endure the silent taunts and to muster up so much bravery for an even skin tone. 

Other makeup counters were a little less hostile than members of Al-Qaeda.  Shiny-green-eye-make-up guy at MAC was nice enough to leave me alone to try on different shades in peace.  Bronzy-make-up guy at Bobbi Brown was nice, and was definitely the most generous in actually giving me a sample.  Sephora, however, is the most awesome place ever.  Most of you have already discovered the awesomeness of this mecca for makeup, but that’s when my obsession for collecting makeup samples went in to full gear.  I have never been an addict to anything, but the top of my dresser is now covered with tiny clear plastic containers of makeup samples.  I’ve been taking detailed notes-   “Lorac SMS 4- nice color, but too matte; Nars Ceylon- stinks!”-  I began reading makeup blogs and reviews online.

After an exhaustive search, I finally settled on Bobbi Brown’s  Natural Finish Warm Beige 3.5.  For now.



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