I know that everybody here in New York has been consumed with all the ‘Lin-sanity’ for the past couple of weeks. It’s a nice story, considering that he is a Christian, and just came out of nowhere to lead the Knicks into a 7 Game win-streak, which from what I understand, is a lot considering it’s the Knicks. Yes, as a Christian, it’s inspiring to hear a story about a clean-cut Harvard grad making it in the big leagues, but I have been more drawn to the tragic death of a childhood hero of mine, Whitney Houston. Yet, she was a Christian too. All of that God-given talent was too much for any mortal to bear, she succombed to the demons that swarmed around her, trying to find love in all the wrong places.  It reminds me of how human she was, and how we all have demons that we fight endlessly to fend off, and how we try to find love and acceptance in all the wrong people.  These two people, who couldn’t be more opposite of each other, are what’s been consuming the headlines this past week, and it just shows to me how all-encompassing God is.


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